Update on Radiation Treatment

Well, treatment number 1 has come and gone. The treatment itself went as we hoped. Everything went where it was supposed to.

Radiation has really knocked all energy out of Dad. It is extremely hard to see the man who could run circles around you, completely wiped out. We are reminding ourselves that it is just part of it, though, and hopefully the results will be worth it.

The treatment for the left lobe is scheduled for March 21. He will get scans about 4 weeks after that, and PET scans after 8 weeks. Please pray that these SIR-spheres do their job and shrink the tumors considerably. The hope is to shrink them enough to do a successful resection.

Also, Dad had an unsuccessful attempt at removing that pesky kidney stone, but it did at least make him comfortable during the injection of the beads. Tomorrow he will be the lucky patient to undergo lithotripsy (shock waves to break up his four kidney stones). We are hoping his pain will be gone after this.

Thank you so much for your continued thoughts and prayers.

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